dujour magazine

My newest love (read obsession) is Dujour Magazine. Thank you Holly for the recommendation! I’m totally smitten.

“Dujour Magazine is sustainably printed-on-demand (which means slightly higher pricing, sorry!), in limited editions of only 1000 copies per issue, packaged beautifully in custom wrapping, with each copy containing an exclusive gift inserted inside. Your magazine will come with its limited edition number printed inside. For those on a budget, we also offer a Digital Edition of each issue below. They have the same content with even more outtakes and pages!”

Is $36 a lot to spend on a magazine? Yes. But how much do you spend on weekly/magazines that you throw away?

(all images from dujour mag)


One thought on “dujour magazine

  1. I love Dujour mag and I love Kelly Smith!!!!

    Ahh I only have the digital version, but yes, I would feel happy having spent that for the hard copy too! :D

    Renee x

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