just something sweet

I’m just posting this because it was a sweet/funny moment. It will probably sound like a silly nothing. It probably is. But it was sweet.

This is the point of the post:

Last Sunday at church about 15 minutes into sacrament meeting I look to my right and see Tessa (one of the 5 yr olds in my class) inching her way along the pew towards me. I thought she must have a message from her parents, which would be weird in the middle of church, or something. She walks past her two teenage cousins and gets up on the bench next to me. I said hi and asked her what she was doing and she smiled and said “Nothing, I just wanted to sit with you.” I looked over at her parents and they smiled. She then took a piece of paper out of her bag along with a ziploc baggie of Crayons and started coloring. I smiled and told her what a nice surprise it was and continued doodling on the back of my program.

See? It sounds silly. But even so, it may or may not have made me to get a little teary-eyed.

Tessa drew this on my phone with iDoodle.


3 thoughts on “just something sweet

  1. awwww, so sweet, .. I loved my primary kids, all of them.. they were the BEST! – I think you got their chilluns in your class! ( or grandchilluns!) ;)

  2. Oh, how cute! I must say I am a little jealous though. I LOVE sitting by you at church… minus the uncontrollable laughter. No, wait, PLUS the uncontrollable laughter!!!

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