the big green clean

This weekend was a cleaning weekend! I did other stuff of course but I had made a goal to do some serious cleaning.

(Method’s Le Scrub and my favorite cleaning sponge… is it weird that I have a favorite sponge? Ummm… don’t answer that.)

With my cleaning goals in mind I decided to try to make an effort at using products that are more “green”. I am going to make a confession – I have my doubts about “green” products. With products like bleach, ammonia, Lysol, etc I know they are killing all the yucky stuff. The ingredients on the back and the killer smell while I’m using them tell me so. But I was am determined to get into the habit of using more planet-friendly products so after much searching I settled on a few from Mrs Meyers and Method.

I’ve used Method laundry detergent for a long time and I really like it. So I picked up Le Scrub (Mint & Eucalyptus) and the French Lavender cleaning spray. They both smell amaaaazing AND my bathroom is clean and shiny. Not only that but I could actually breathe while I was cleaning. What a nice change.

And I bought Mrs Meyers Lavender Oxygen Bleach , because well sometimes you just need bleach. It works just as well (if not better) than the Clorox kind AND is gentle on your clothes and again you are spared the bleach-y smell. I’m 100% satisfied.

The next hurdle… floors. Ugh. I hate cleaning floors. After using a friend’s I went ahead and got the Shark Steam Mop. If you are going to buy it you should get it from Costco because it’s cheaper and you can return it if you want – but I promise you won’t want to. I’ve had it for a few months actually and I love it. No more regular mops or Swifters or buckets and brushes. The steam sanitizes without any chemicals at all…. great if you have babies or puppies.

There are also a lot of completely natural cleaning products you can use – like lemon mixed with a little salt to get rid of rust stains, and toothpaste to polish silver. There’s a great article in Real Simple Magazine that gives you 66 natural cleaning solutions.

I’m feeling downright earthy!


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