list of happy

(i snagged the idea for this post from  You Are My Fave)

So… this week hasn’t been my favorite. There have been no rainbows or shooting stars or dancing bunnies to say the least. I’m trying to keep it in perspective and I realize that even my bad week is probably better than a lot of other people’s bad weeks. But still… if you were here I’d probably ask for a hug.

Instead of listing everything that went wrong I’m giving you a list of happy.

Watching Susan Boyle still makes me ridiculously happy.

This article from Design for Mankind on overcoming artist block. I so admire Pia and Jen and loved hearing what they had to say.

Putting Polaroids in the freezer as they are developing. The results are mostly awesome.

Japanese masking tape in lots of awesome colors like these. I finally got my hands on some and oh boy is it fun!

My favorite new work out song – Kung Fu Fighting. It really makes the tread mill so much more bearable.

Strawberries and watermelons and mangos. I love summer fruits!

There’s a site called Do it in Paris that is helping me to plan my trip there… whenever that may be.

Twitter is my new time suck. If you want to know what I was doing at 11 pm last night it was signing into Twitter to watch Ashton Kutcher cream CNN in the race to 1 million followers. I’m not proud of this but I’m not ashamed either.

And this is one of my happiest songs ever. It was playing on Pandora just now and it definitely took things up a notch.

So, bad week aside, I’m happy.

Have a very happy weekend!

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