My allergies have been so bad lately with all the wind we’ve had. Not fun. But a little Benydril and a hot shower later and I’m good to go.

Harlow and I just got back from the Vet’s office and 3 minutes, 3 medications and many dollars later it turns out Harlow also suffers from allergies. She woke up Sunday morning with a bald patch under her neck which completely freaked me out. It wasn’t red so I decided to give it a few days to see if it got better or worse. It got worse. I’ll spare you the details because it’s not cute.

We just home and after she enjoyed some drug-laced cottage cheese and had a little play with her monkey she’s completely zonked out. I think it’s time Harlow got a job. It’s a good think I’m completely in love with her.

Here are a list of her puppy skills in case anyone want to rent her for the day:

1, Playing fetch.
2. Sleeping.
3. Eating.
4. Cuddling up on your lap.
5. Just being cute.
6. Making friends.
7. Not barking.
8,. Generally adoring you. (it doesn’t matter who you are – she already adores you.)


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