shabby apple

I found THIS shop and I’m excited! Cute dresses with sleeves? Yes please!

The last two are my favorite.

And right now get 15% off by typing with this code: ShabbyApple15off. Good until 6/30/2009.


3 thoughts on “shabby apple

  1. Hey crazy, I have had this link on my blog since the beginning of EVER! I love shabby apple, I wish you saw it on there earlier. Oh, and I wish they weren’t quite so spendy. Oh, also, I wish we were trying them on together. Not “together” but you know what I mean. Shopping together, at the same time. Happy and spending money on girly dresses. :)

  2. You did?? How did I miss it?! I should know by now if there is anything awesome Chelsea will know about it. Yeah, yeah let’s go shopping together. Together but separately.

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