i should be packing…

… or cleaning, or looking for my UK mobile phone to take with me, or doing laundry, or something productive.

But I’m too excited to leave and so I do nothing. There are only 2 little links left on my paper chain. Yippee! Oh… a side note about the paper chain (which is just silly but fun)… I put it up at work and there have been a couple days where I’ve taken off more than one chain but I just figured I’d forgotten a day (highly unlikely!) but I was just excited to take off more. Well it turns out I’ve been sabotaged! A few of my coworkers (yes, more than one) have been sneaking in and ADDING LINKS! haha They were a little disappointed I didn’t notice! What little sneaks I work with.

Now I can’t remember what I was originally going to post.

Oh well… Happy Friday!

vanilla cone with flake… yum



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