shake it like a polaroid picture (and a little bit of a fan post)

If I haven’t said it before, which I’m pretty sure I have but maybe you just weren’t listening (that’s ok though, I understand… I know, I ramble)… I love my Polaroid camera. I have a 680 SLR and it is fast becoming one of my most treasured possessions. I have to confess I never knew what the allure of a Polaroid camera was… I was sucked into the digital, take-200-shots-and-keep-2-thing. Don’t get me wrong. I love my digital camera but I’m using it less these days.

What happened was I saw this photo:

Gorgeous right?

and then I saw this one:

and then I saw many more like them and learned that they were taken by a Polaroid. What? I was in love. Obviously the wonderfulness of these photos belongs to Jen Gotch who took them and not just to the camera. I can’t even really remember how I found her photos to begin with but I somehow found her on Flickr and found myself adding photo after photo as a favorite. I was worried for a minute this might seem creepy and she’d block me! lol But no!

Needless to say I am a huge fan! I could go on but then this would turn into a crazy fan post and well… I think it already is.

Okay one last thing. She also makes these lovely Ban.dos. You should look at them. They are fantastic. The minute I’m back from my trip I’m ordering one. I especially like the one below. Even though it’s sold Jen is going to make me one similar. I’m very excited for my new purchase-to-be!


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