sorry harlow

I realized today that I am going to be gone for Harlow’s first birthday. (It’s March 12th… right Elyse?) We’re both a little sad about this. To make amends I have promised to make her a peanut butter and carrot cake with a cottage cheese frosting for her birthday. (If you think I’m kidding then well… you’re wrong.) I’ve also promised her a trip to Utah as a belated birthday present for her sometime this spring/summer. It will really be for my birthday but we’ll let her think it’s for her.


3 thoughts on “sorry harlow

  1. Harlow is going to be 1 Woohoo!! Happy date of birth harlow.. Bruzi misses her and he doesn’t even know it… i’m so excited for you to go to london.. it is going to be a smashing good time I’m sure of it!

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