sunday updates

I’ve been checking the status of my passport application every day this week. I sent it overnight Express on Friday (last) and was told I’d have it within two weeks. Every time I’ve logged on to check the status I see (in big red letters): “Application not found… blah blah blah … it may take 7 – 10 days for your status to be available.” Okay. That is reasonable. But I’m pretty sure I’m more well known for my impatience than for my reasonable-ness. So you can imagine my surprise when my brand new, beautiful passport showed up in the mail on Thursday! Yee haw!

I also survived my first Sharing Time. Only two of my kids were there but that actually worked out a little better. I spent forever preparing and making cute things and coming up with fun stories and yet I feel like it was the most boring sharing time ever. Really. Ah well… I have six more months to get ready for the next one.

Harlow struck again… right in front of my grandmother’s door. At least I caught before my grandmother stepped in it or Harlow ate it. (sorry, sick I know…) I think my Grandma is starting to take it personally. I can’t say I blame her.

I’m going through a “downsizing” phase. Do you ever have those? Where you just want to go through all your stuff and just get rid of it? That’s where I am right now! I have too much stuff and it’s cluttering my house and my head. So it’s all going!

Okay, back to some late night vacuuming!


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