scatter brained

i’m trying to really be organized for my trip to england but i think the more organized i try to be the more jumbled up in the head i get.

i’ve got my passport now and i put it in a very safe place. the problem is every time i’ve put something in a “very safe place” i forget where that safe place is and panic. so i keep checking to make sure it is where i think it is. and i keep thinking of things i want to do in case i forget. and random things keep reminding me of things i want to do. why did i think one week would be enough?

i came across Ici and the word Ici reminded me of a brand of toys and whatnot called nici that the kids liked. they sell them at this cute little store in the cute little down of marlow. so that reminded me that i want to go to marlow. natalia and i would go there fairly often to eat at zizi’s or to watch a cricket game (i still don’t get it… pretty sure i never will) and to look at all the cute little shops. and yes, i need to find another word for cute.

It is cute though. See?


2 thoughts on “scatter brained

  1. How about quaint to replace cute? I’m now questioning if I’ve spelled that right but it is quite late/early. Also, no matter how much time you would plan it still wouldn’t be enough.

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