fun stuff even if you aren’t crafty (like me!)

photo from simple song

first, this japanese tape from DWR was irrestistable! the colors and the finish are perfect for my sketch book or for holding my polaroids. and the little splashes of color make me happy. it’s sold out now so i got it just in time! i’ve got a thing of stationary, tape, pens, paper, etc.

photo from simple song
i thought this was such a sweet idea for valentines! you take little match boxes and make them fancy.i have all this scrapbooking paper i’ve never used so i thought i’d give it a shot. they’re really cute and so inexpensive so i’m making them for everyone!

apparently martha stewart makes glitter. who knew! i’ve never been into martha but this glitter is SO pretty. it comes in a 3-pack of similar shades (like a paint swatch). i couldn’t pass up such pretty colors! i’ll use some one my valentines but i want to glitter more stuff! haha then i can buy more colors. oh and i also comes with a little tube of glue with a fine point.

okay, that’s as crafty as i get!


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