harlow says hello

Just in case you forgot how cute Harlow is she posed for a few pictures as she was falling asleep. I don’t know how I feel about the bows in her hair – she’d just gotten back from the groomers. Part of me thinks it’s adorable. Part of me is embarrassed for her.

To counteract her cuteness she did something very UN-cute the other day. While I was in the shower my grandmother decided to go to bed so she left Harlow in the living room. Alone. With all the lights off. She obviously did not like this and decided to get back at my grandmother. The next day my grandmother told me that Harlow had pooped right in front of her bedroom door. And how did my grandmother find it? When she walked out of her bedroom… barefoot. Eeeww! I would have been SO mad but I can’t help laughing. In Harlow’s defense she NEVER has accidents in the house… except when she’s mad at my grandmother and it’s always in her room, in front of her room, etc. It’s only happened a few times but it’s pretty obvious that she knows what she’s doing! Don’t mess with Harlow.

Just in case this story makes you love Harlow less just look at the pictures above one more time. 99.9% cute!


5 thoughts on “harlow says hello

  1. hahaha! I love it harlow is hilarious! Bruzi did the same thing… he was mad at me because I was getting mad at him for biting me… so he looks right up and me and pee’s on my blanket… that little rat knew exactly what he was doing. I still love him though he’s tooooo cute just like Harlow!

  2. That is the cutest dog ever and I love what he did to grandma! Sick but oh so funny! I’m so jealous you’re going back, I am dying to take my husband there but for some reason the thought of a 10 hour flight with two screaming children just ruins all my motivation… have a jolly good time and mind the gap

  3. Megan – I can’t wait to meet your little Fabrizzio! Cari – I am beyond excited. 9 days won’t be enough but the nothing really would be. I keep having to remind myself I’m just going there to visit… NOT to live there. lol. I’m finally realizing there is so much I want to do before I have a family! But I’d exchange it for a family any day. ;)Chelsea – and I forgive you. For um… huh… Um for been so darn awesome that no one stands a chance of catching up!

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