my bags are packed… i’m ready to go…

Roundtrip ticket to England = $558
Expedited passport renewal = $150
Going to a place I love and getting to see people I adore after a craptastic year = PRICELESS!

I booked my ticket the other night! I panicked yesterday because on Virgin Atlantic the price jumped from $618 to $945 in less than 12 hours! What the heck? All the other airlines I checked were holding at just under $600 and then right before I left work I checked Travelocity and there was a Virgin flight for $558! Virgin’s prices on their site had gone back down to $618 too. Maybe they did that just to make me panic. Well it worked. But I still cannot figure out how it can be cheaper through Travelocity than directly through the airline. But I’ll take it! It’s non-stop both ways and now I’m leaving Monday night instead of Tuesday afternoon which will buy me a whole extra day there. I will get on the bus to LAX immediately after work and go to the airport. I’m mean literally immediately. I get off work at 4 and the shuttle leaves at 4… fortunately the bus leaves from about 50 yards away from my desk. So I’m going to be wrecked but I am a pro at sleeping on busses and planes.

edit:: I just talked to the kids and parents of the family I’ll be staying with and I am SO happy I might just burst. Erin (almost 5) answered the phone and said, “Hello, may I ask who’s speaking please?” How freaking cute! I said, “Erin, it’s Vanessa.” … silence … “Vanessa? VANESSA! When are you coming to see me? I have been missing you!” I said “next month” and she turns away from the phone and yells, “Mummy! Vanessa said she is really coming!” I love this kid! I talked to everyone and blah blah they were so nice. Sean willing volunteered to give up his room for me (his new room used to be the guest room) and their current nanny said she wanted to come get me from the airport. Ahhhhh I feel so loved and so freaking happy!

Now I just have to wait 1 month!


One thought on “my bags are packed… i’m ready to go…

  1. That is so fun! Next you can come see me! Thanks for the funny card you sent! It made me laugh. Have a great day!

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