just another sunday

I no longer have 14 primary kids. I have six. They decided last week to split up my class. It makes sense and I knew it was coming but it makes me a little sad. Sure, there’s less chaos and fewer trips to the bathroom but still… I liked them all. Tyler had a complete and total breakdown when his mom told him he couldn’t sit in my row any more. He had to be taken out 3 times before he’d sit with his class. Isaac was fine sitting with his new teacher until we got up to go to class and he was told he couldn’t come with me. Isaac is a silent crier which just makes it sadder. Do I sound like a jerk if I say that as bad as I felt for them I was a little happy/relieved that they at least liked my class. Everyone else is settling in okay including me. Except… Isaac is no longer speaking to me. He will barely even look at me! I got an accidental cheeky smile from him once but that’s it. I mentioned it to his mom and she said that he was just so hurt that he wasn’t in my class anymore. Oh the drama of Primary.

In other news Harlow threw up six times last night. Poor puppy. I can’t figure out why.. it didn’t look like she ate anything weird. (Sorry if that’s gross)

Today went by really fast! I didn’t even get a Sunday nap in.


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