ho hum work is dum

It’s raining today. Boo. I guess the 70 + weather couldn’t last forever.

I’m really working on my 101 in 1001 goal to cook more and use my recipe books more. Last night I made chicken escalope with parsley and capers. It was sooooo good. The recipe is from Apples for Jam. A few nights ago I made potatoes with rosemary and sage. YUM!

Tonight I’m going to try this recipe. I’m not sure how I feel about the peanut butter in the soup but a friend made it and she swore it was amazing. And I always believe her. So we’ll see…

I’ve also decided to give up soda. (again… yes I know… ) I realized the other night when I got in my car and drove several miles just to get one that I’ve quite possible become addicted. So as of today I’m 3 days clean. I only really miss it when I eat something salty but as long as I brush my teeth right away and/or have some gum handy I’m fine. And I feel good.

Last night I got ALL of my ironing done while watching American Idol. I’m excited for this season and I was excited to see Joanna Pacitti auditioning. But watching American Idol is just not as fun if you don’t have a Billie and a Brian to watch it with.

Okay… back to work I guess!


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