primary, dancing with wolves and polaroids

I missed church last week because I was sick with the flu/bronchitis/plague/whatever. So I go this week and surprise, surprise they have combined my class with the Sunbeams class and now I have 14 little children in my class. That’s right 14. There is still only one of me. We were in singing time and there was Maggie with her class of 5 of the older kids and me with mine. Just as we were starting Maggie asked, “Is that all one class?” Yes. Yes it is. Keller (he’s 8) said, “It’s like Jesus with all the children gather around him.” Ha! What I’ve got here is the exact opposite of that. And opposite is opposite.

But… in spite of the fact that I’m somewhat terrified I love them! My last post about them you heard all about their wild ways but they really are so sweet. Tessa and Camryn are sweet and always want to hold my hands. Bryson will always say, “Excuse me. Can I ask a question?” before asking a question. Isaac sings the loudest and always has a sneaky little grin on his face that I love and always makes me laugh because his scriptures are mysteriously missing half of the New Testament. (He didn’t rip them out they are just gone.) Miranda always wants to help me and loves to say prayers. Mason is so sweet and quiet it’s easy to forget he’s there. Tessa told her mom I’m her best friend in Primary. Mclain almost always knows the answer and if I don’t call on her right away she gets this look on her face like she’s in serious pain. Camryn likes it when I call her Fred. Kiana always helps me clean up. Tyler is always eager to participate. And the rest of them are just as sweet.

But I really hope they call someone to co-teach.

PS – I hate the movie Dances With Wolves. A lot.

PPS – I am bidding on a Polaroid camera on eBay so please cross your fingers that no one outbids me today, because it’s Sunday and I won’t check again till tomorrow.


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