a well earned vacation

well I think it’s well earned at least. :o)

I’m planning a trip to England for March 2-11. I’m really excited because it will be three years since I moved back to the states. But I’m still trying to find a good deal. So far the contenders are:

Air France: $604 (yowzers!)
Air New Zealand: $675
Virgin Atlantic: $698

The Virgin flight is direct and has the best times. Air New Zealand is also direct but the times are not my favorite. Air France is a steal! I’d have a layover in Paris but for that cheap I’ll probably do it.

Anyone want to come with me?

I am starting my list of things I want to do (you know how I love making lists!) or I’ll never get fit it all in to one little week.

Spend lots and lots of time with the White Family
(this will probably include trips to Zoom, Odds Farm, Flowerland, etc)
Visiting old friends
Going to The Ferry- look how pretty:
Walking around Marlow
Seeing a show in London
(I’ve seen Les Mis but I loved it so much I’d see it again!)
Looking around Covent Garden and Camden Town
Have lunch with friends at Canela
Swimming at Amersham with the kiddies
Getting a big hot chocolate at Costa Coffee- like this:
(only they can leave the Smarties off mine thankyouverymuch)
Ride on the London Eye
Go dancing with friends
(yes I’ll go dancing… don’t laugh!)
Buy new pens, etc at Muji

I’ll add to this as I go. Of course I could easily toss this whole list out the window and spend the whole time with Sean, Tara and Erin. I do love them!


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