not dead yet

I got the holiday flu! It has not been fun- I’ve missed a whole week of work (well I went in on Friday and only lasted for about 90 minutes) and I also missed all of our Christmas fun. Lame!

My week has consisted of the following:

(of course)

:Chicken noodle soup:

:cough drops:

:Mint Tea:
(yes I actually picked the mint growing like crazy outside my door and made my own)

:Naked Juice:
(Green Machine- full of blue green algae, apples, kiwi, banana, broccoli, mango, garlic, spinach, etc.)

(mainly watching the new Pride and Prejudice)

(mainly wishing it was the old Pride and Prejudice… Colin Firth is Mr. Darcy)

I’m really into this book right now!

This is a silly little book but an easy read when you’re sick, bored, etc.

:trying to learn French:
(honestly I don’t know how people learn another language without the MTC. Maybe the fever is shrinking my brain)

(I think she was confused by me being home all day)

:Lying in bed:
(99.9% of my week)

… and you know, making really long lists…

I’d like a do-over on Christmas!


3 thoughts on “not dead yet

  1. Love the old Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth is totally Darcy. Not a fan of the new one. I’m sorry you were sick at Christmas! My kids got sick right after Christmas and are still lounging around the house in their PJ’s all day long. :0)

  2. Booh! I feel a cold coming on right now… that will teach me to go to church!… or I guess it could have been going out to eat at Market Street after church with Megano to celebrate Dave’s birth. Nope. It was probably church. :( LOL Don’t judge me! It was a rare occasion, and the only time Christopher wasn’t busy to babysit:)

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