christmas shopping woes

I give up. I thought my Christmas shopping was covered but I was fooling myself. My family members are SO hard to shop for. I GIVE UP! (only not really)

Do you know what I hate? When I ask someone what they want for Christmas and they say “nothing.” That is not an option nor is it helpful.

In an effort to do something different this year I’ve been looking at sites like and Supermarket HQ. They are both sites for designers/artists to sell their creations. Sort of like ebay but way more awesome.

Hopefully this will put an end to my Christmas shopping woes.

I just bought these cute handmade gift tags at Etsy…
… now I just need to buy some gifts to put them on!

4 thoughts on “christmas shopping woes

  1. I agree. I totally hate it when people say they want nothing for CHristmas. It is not true and very unhelpful. I ask Jason every year what he would like for Christmas and he always says nothing. What am I supposed to get the boy? Geez!

  2. I’m with you… mostly because they don’t mean it. If you really got them a big fat box of nothing, I’m SURE they would be upset… People should just give in and tell us what the H they want… Was that a bit much?

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