mostly for megan and partly because i’m a tad obsessed

Cuteness + Sweetness = Harlow

(please excuse the out-of-control hair… we have that in common)

8 thoughts on “mostly for megan and partly because i’m a tad obsessed

  1. Your dog is SO cute! I want to brush her hair all day long, feed her organic frozen yogurt, sing her lullabyes, and fan her with exotic feathers. …Okay, that sounded a little weird. Please don’t get a restraining order against me.Harlow I love you!!! xoxo

  2. YES YES YES!!! I made your blog and I got to see pictures of Harlow… now that’s what I call more bang for your buck! I must say Harlow is looking way stylish with her mad scientist look! I LOVE IT!

  3. Thanks Elan… the clip is so much easier than trying to get a rubber band in her hair and I just want it out of her eyes. The cuteness is a bonus. ;)Elyse- if you’re around I think I’m going to try to come out to Utah in January. It’d be fun have her and Roxy play (and see you guys too of course!)

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