procrastination, drugs and ebay… or something like that

because i’ve run out of things to do at work today

First of all my back has been killing me all day and I want to kill it right back.

Yesterday was going to be such a productive day off but it didn’t turn out that way. I got up early-ish armed with an extensive to-do list but somewhere it all went wrong.

The to-do list was:
Renew AAA membership
Go to dentist
Take passport photo
-Fill out passport app. (again)
-Ship Old Navy shirt sold on ebay
-Clean my car
-Finish laundry (I did one load…)
-Set up printer
-Take photos of more items for ebay sale
Meet Angie @ 7:30 pm
Christmas shopping I made a dent in it. I didn’t expect to finish it… come on it’s only October.
-Go to Costco (milk, muffins, fruit, etc)

I think the day lost momentum as soon as I sat down to watch Cash in the Attic. I don’t even really like it I just wanted to hear some Brittish accents. Then I went flight hunting for my trip in March. I haven’t bought my ticket but I have the days off already. March 3-12. Spring in England. I love it. I emailed Mary and David and the kids and they have me “penciled in.” I’d love to go for longer but I hate to leave Harlow for too long and I figure that however long I go for will never really be enough… you know?

After flight hunting then of course there was some Facebooking. Facebook is a big time suck for me. Then I paid some bills. That was good. After the bill paying I took a shower then decided to give Harlow a bath. Looking back I should have done this in the opposite order. After Harlow gets out the the bath I start to dry her off but as soon as I let go she tears around the house like a maniac. I don’t know if it’s because she has water up her nose of if it’s because she’s simply nuts but it’s hilarious. Then she’ll just stand there shaking to death. Such a drama queen.

Then I decide to go to Santa Barbara since it’s 90º (what happened to fall??) and took Harlow with me. She was so hyper but made lots of friends in town and I did a little Christmas shopping. Before we headed home we were walking down the street past a group of people and she just couldn’t walk past. She had to play. As soon as they acknowledged her she ran right over and was giving kisses to her new friends. They were a funny bunch. Wearing mostly black, lots of tattoos and piercings, skateboards, and they were taking er… “donations” for a trip to Europe. But they loved Harlow and were very sweet to her so we sat on the sidewalk and chatted for a little bit until Harlow found a little bag of… um “grass” and I noticed one of our new friends was smoking a “funny cigarette”. So we said goodbye and went on our way. It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed Harlow reeked of pot. haha So much for her bath. But the funniest part is that in the middle of the night last night Harlow jumps off my bed, runs into the bathroom and I can hear eating and eating and eating her dry food. She never ever gets off the bed at night. And it was like 1 am. And then I realized it was probably just the pot and that she had the munchies! I was seriously just laughing so hard to myself in spite of the fact that I was bummed to get woken up in the middle of the night. I need to teach her that drugs are bad but I still love my little pot head. Speaking of pot heads…

This picture of Cheech and Chong makes me laugh because when I was little I used to think my dad WAS Tommy Chong. Like seriously. The crazy hair, glasses, awesome bandana, tattoos, mexican, the “head dead” t-shirts… Why I was watching Cheech and Chong when I was little is a whoooooole other issue.

Oh and yes, I’ve sold a few things on Ebay… it’s going surprisingly well. But more on that another time. Tonight I need to get my passport application filled out and ready to mail. And finish my laundry por fin!


2 thoughts on “procrastination, drugs and ebay… or something like that

  1. wow, that was a long post! But, I could read about you doing nothing all day! Wait a minute, no I can’t. :( I better get back to not blogging until I am done with my chores during Brooklyns nap. Sigh. I miss you!

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