oooooooh primary

Sometimes I feel a little sad that I don’t have kids yet. I like kids and feel like I’m really good with them.

… and then I go teach primary and I’m okay with the fact that I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my class. They each have such distinctive personalities and are mostly well behaved if not a little overly enthusiastic. But I try to remind myself that if sometimes 3 hours of church seems long to me then it must seem like eternity to a 5 year old.

Right now we are practicing for the Primary program, which as I mentioned before is a selection of scriptures, songs, musical numbers and speaking parts that the kids will perform in the first hour of church 2 weeks from now. I also mentioned my class has 9 kids and 2 teachers. So we split the kids up to try and keep them focused and reverent while we ran through the program. I have Isaac, Kiara, Tessa, and Maclaine. (I swore that was her name but now I’m not so sure… I’ll have to go look again. I’m still new. eh. I checked that IS her name!) For two hours Tessa was trying to crawl into my lap and get me to scratch her back (“like my mom does”); Kiara was sitting with her legs propped up in front of her in a not-so-lady like way while wrapping her gum around her fingers over and over and eventually getting it stuck in her hair; Maclaine was incapable of facing forwards and every time I asked her to turn around would reply sweetly, “Oh sorry I forgot”… how to sit in a chair?; and Isaac could not for the life of him stay awake or keep his clothes on. Oh and 437 trips to the bathroom.

But I’ll admit I have had worse. Maybe I won’t swear off kids forever. At least I can be pretty certain I won’t give birth to 9 five year olds.

I’m going to take Harlow for a walk. Lately we’ve been walking in the cemetary which is not nearly as creepy as it sounds.


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