from Rob Brezsny

A recent National Geographic article reported on nudibranches: colorful, oddly shaped slugs that live in the sea. The members of a typical species, Nembrotha kubaryana, are whimsical blobs of neon green swirled with orange and purple. The slugs are “blind to their own beauty,” however, because their eyes can only register the difference between light and dark. The “blind to their own beauty” thing reminds me of you — especially these days. Would you do me a favor and acknowledge your own charms more aggressively?

Is anyone really able to “aggressively acknowledge” their own charms? If you are then well done. Will you teach me?

Something that most people probably don’t know about me is that I read my horoscope weekly. I don’t know how much I “believe” it but it’s sometimes accurate and something fun to think about throughout the week. I think so anyway. So awhile ago I was talking with a friend about the fact that we were both Taureans (or is it Tauruses? Tauries?) and whether or not we had the traits that are associated with that sign. My response was, “Oh yeah, I do for sure. I can be way stubborn. And sometimes I’m selfish and possesive. And I can defintely be lazy and sometimes I feel really greedy with my time, money, and/or possessions.” To which my friend laughed and said, “You know there are positive traits for Taureans also.”


Why is it so easy to find fault with yourself and yet be so willing to overlook others weaknesses? Why do we compare ourselves at our worst with others at their best? Why do we even listen to our own inner-terrorist?

It’s not that I don’t think I have any good traits. Sometimes I think I’m a pretty neat person. But it’s the traits that I want to change that I think about, fight againt, worry, pray and even blog about. But it’s probably okay to be “blind to our own beauty” some of the time.

And sea slugs are pretty cute.


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