Last night when I got home I noticed that Harlow’s eye looked funny. It was all cloudy and kind of greyish and watery. So of course I immediately panic. I’ve only seen something like that with our older dogs as they get cataracts and lose their sight. So I get on the phone with the Emergency Vet since my vet’s office was closed. They reassured me that as long as she was eating and drinking normally she’d be ok if I took her to the vet this morning. Since I have to work today my mom said she’d take her to Dr. Dean’s for me. She called me after they went to the vet and told me that Dr. Dean said she has a hole in her cornea. What the heck?! My poor sweet puppy has a hole in her eye??! He told my mom she’d probably scratched it or ran into something like a twig. I can imagine her scratching her eye but she doesn’t go around running into sharp objects… at least as far as I know. But maybe. So $120 later she has eye drops she needs twice a day and a cream she needs 4 times a day. And I’m going to take her back to the vet on Tuesday since I’m not working. I think I’m going to bring her to work with me on Monday. And they gave her one of those cones to wear around her neck to keep her feet out of her eyes. I’m sure she’ll be fine but I’m sad for her. Especially since she’s been so good and sweet lately. I know if I had a hole in my eye I wouldn’t be so nice about it.

Poor Harlow. :(

In other news I’m saving my pennies for these:




9 thoughts on “Ouch!!

  1. Oh poor harlow.. that is so sad.. but I’m glad she is okay.. I want a pup more then ever!!!

    I haven’t talked to you in forever… how are ya?

  2. Poor baby Harlow! I’m glad that she will be ok though. And, I would save my pennies for those new toys too!

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