gotta go. gotta go. gotta go right now!

beware the long rambling post… (mostly for journaling purposes)

No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child.

Emma Goldman

On Monday I called the family I nannied for in England to wish Tara a Happy 8th Birthday (and to wish Sean and Erin a Happy belated 5th and 11th Birthday.) I try to stay on the birthday ball but sometimes it gets away from me.

I call them every … oh … 4 or 5 months or so. Not too often but kids don’t really have a lot to say on the phone anyway. You know, a lot of “How’s school?”…”Good.” “Did you have a nice summer?”…”Yes.” “Did you have a fun birthday?”… “Yes.” You know the drill. But I can’t just not call. I love these kids. Also I think it’s strange for a child to have someone that is a part of their life every day and then to just be gone with no contact. That’s weird right? I think especially for younger kids. I’m not saying that I was so special and that they can’t live without me. But it doesn’t seem fair to spend pretty much every single day with them, take care of them, play with them, love them… and then just bail on them?? Then all the smiles and hugs and laughs and love are a lie. Maybe I’m making a big deal of nothing… probably. And maybe I won’t stay in touch forever, but I hope I’ll do my best. And it’s fun to catch up with Mary and David (the parents) and hear what’s going on with them and their families.

Could I have found a longer way to say “I love these kids”??? Probably! So count yourselves lucky!

So I call and Mary says “Oh Vanessa!” and immediately general mayhem ensues on her end. I can hear Tara asking her if I’m calling because it’s her birthday and Mary says yes and passes her the phone. I wish you could hear the way she says “hello”… it’s so cute and so English. I listen to her tell me about her party and she says proudly that is was a make up party. She’s a fancy 8 year old. And then she tells me that “Erin wants a quick word” (again so English… Erin’s five.) Erin gets on the phone and and says “Hello Vanessa. When are you coming back to my house to see me?” It’s still a trip for me to hear her speaking in complete sentences. A few weeks before I left them she started saying: “Nessie going airplane Utah. Erin talk phone Nessie. Come back Nessie!” ♥ I die! She didn’t have much to say but what she said was cute.

And I talked to Sean for a few minutes. He told me about school, football and that he no longer has to go to Kumon. Score! Mary filled me in on her family and her sister’s kids and the news from Denham Green. She asked if I had plans to come visit and of course I do but the timing never seems to work out. She tells me everytime we speak that I’m always welcome (“oh whenever!” as she says) and that I can come anytime. That means a lot to me. They are so generous and kind. The called ended with Tara and Erin shouting, “VANESSA… IS… THE… BEST… NANNY… IN… THE… WHOLE… WORLD… EVER!” Which was followed by:
……………………….“I fell”
……………………………………..“Erin get off me”

Oh kids!

So yeah, I talked to “my family” in England. It was a total warm fuzzy high for the day. And of course it sent me on a little trip down memory lane. You’re welcome to join me….

Tara and I would watch Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen over and over and we’d sing the songs from it any time, any place.

After watching the aforementioned movie repeatedly, we’d always say “Goodbye my chicken” to eachother when I’d drop her off at school. I love that little chicken.

Sean was the easiest kid…so mellow and good. He got a Monopoly game based on the Chelsea Football team and we’d play it over and ooooover again.

Painting Tara and Erins nails… adding little rhinestones and flowers and whatnot. I got really good.

One night we were all home and I was getting the kids’ dinner (or tea if you’re in England) ready and Tara asked me if she could have some juice please. As I was getting it Mary told her how nice it was that she said please to which Tara replies, “Vanessa will do almost anything for a ‘please’.” And I said that that was right. Then Erin chimed in with, “Nessie like it say pleeeeeeeease!” (which translates to “Vanessa likes it when you say please.”)

Sean telling me every Monday that Kumon made it “the worst day of his life.” Silly kid.

The kids forever wanting to have “parties” in my room.

Erin announcing one morning out of the blue that “Erin best friend Nessie.” Again, I die! ♥

Letting the kids run wild at Zoom and Odd’s Farm.

Erin telling me “Bye bye buh-fly” as I was getting ready to leave for the airport to come home. (That’s “bye-bye butterfly” for those who don’t speak toddler)

The point of all the rambling? I need to get my passport renewed (if finally expired) and go back for a visit!!


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