you can thank the chickens

I’ve never fully appreciated our chickens but I do now!

Last weekend someone stopped at our house while my mom was outside and asked if his kids could play with our chickens. My mom told him that chickens didn’t really “play” but the kids were welcome to come see them and give them some food. While the kids were having fun with the chickies the guy asked my mom about our palm tree that’s in front of our house. My mom hates this tree. It’s impossible to trim, it’s messing up our fence and according to my mom, messing up her life. So she tell this guy that she wishes she could get rid of it. Then he tells her how he bought 2 of the same type of palm tree (it’s a dwarf palm) for $10,000.00 for his wife. Yowzers! (Apparently this guy and his family lives in Audrey Meadows old house in Beverly Hills which is pretty cool.) So my silly mother tells him she’d be happy just to give the tree away to have it gone and he says that maybe they could work out a trade and that he has a car dealership in LA. And my cute, cute but silly mom tells him that I’m looking to buy a car within the next 6 months to a year. They exchanged numbers and he’ll call if they do actually want the tree.

A car for a tree?? Heck yes!

Thank you my little chickidees! ♥


5 thoughts on “you can thank the chickens

  1. You guys have it all wrong, I think you should stick to your principles, morals, and values, and not be such a sell-out. By this I mean you should teach yourself a lesson by chopping down the tree yourself, and dragging it to the freeway. Once you are there, sit on it and see if it drives you to work. This is when you will begin to feel better about your values. :) The end.

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