obsessing + compulsing

One of my favorite fruits. When I was little I wouldn’t eat them because they were blue… and blue was for boys. Ha.

The new Sharpie pen.
Because I need more pens.

Jason Mraz
I love this CD. I’ve listened to it approximately 458 times in the last 2 weeks.

Acuvue Oasys
Best contact lenses ever. I’ve never stuck something so comfortable in my eye. I loooove them!
Good Magazine I read it while I was staying at my friend’s and really enjoyed it so I finally broke down and subscribed. And the awesome thing is that when you subscribe 100% of your payment goes to the nonprofit of your choice. Awesome.

Flights to the UK
I’ve been pricing flights to England because I need to go! I miss it in the worst way. Virgin has pretty cheap flights in the fall and yes, I’ll admit I like their ads. I’m an easy sell I guess.


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