“Are you a mod or a rocker?… Um, no. I’m a mocker.”

My name is Vanessa and I am mocker.

And not in the mod/rocker sense that Ringo Starr was talking about. I poke fun, mock, tease and I am sarcastic all the time. Well not all the time but more than is necessary I’m sure. It’s fun to be fun and funny and witty but I don’t want to make myself ridiculous and I certainly don’t want to be mean. Even when I’m not saying sarcastic or mocking things I am thinking them. It’s really not a quality I like in myself. It’s no good!

So in an effort towards self improvement… no mas mocking. Well, a lot less at least. And especially no more sarcasm. It’s not an attractive habit and even when I’m saying something sarcastic I’m thinking “Don’t say it. Is that all you can think of to say? You can do better than that. That’s not even funny.” I had a teacher that used to always say that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”. IT’S TRUE. There’s nothing clever about sarcasm.

So here’s to kicking bad habits! It reminds me of the time when I was on my mission in Minnesota when Shaylyn and I set a goal to stop complaining (especially about the freezing cold weather!)and after a few days we realized we had just sort of stopped talking all together. Technically we were successful but it wasn’t really what we had in mind! So I guess I need to not only stop saying sarcastic things, but say more positive things.

PS- This is totally starting tomorrow… today’s a total bust!



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