Harlow and horoscopes

On Friday Harlow and I will have been together for 4 weeks. We are very happy. It’s so nice coming home to someone who’s always happy to see you. I mean, my grandmother is always happy to see me too (I think) but she doesn’t come charging at me the second I walk in the door and jump up in my lap like Harlow does. Harlow. I love her name. I love her face. I love her cute little butt (except when that cute little butt forgets to tell me when it’s time to go outside). She’s almost completely house broken. She’s actually pretty good but I think there are just so many doors leading outside that it throws her off and so she just goes. But I always forgive her immediately. She’s also developed the habit of begging for ice. Well not really begging… she waits very patiently whenever you open the freezer for an ice cube to fall. And oddly enough, one almost always does. She wiggles with excitment from head to toe and then bounces on it. She’ll pick it up and carry it around an stand protectively over it if you get too close. You can almost see the disappointment and confusion in her face when it’s finally gone. She also loves apple slices. Don’t worry, I feed her regular puppy food and I don’t let her beg for table scraps. But a little treat now and then never hurts.

In other news I love reading my horoscope from the Santa Barbara Independent. Here’s mine for the week:

While driving in suburbia, I saw a sign in the yard of a home whose grounds were being renovated. It was an ad for the landscaping company that was doing the work. “Mesmerize visitors with your garden,” it read. Judging from your astrological omens, Taurus, I think you’re in an excellent position to do just that. It’s your turn to enthrall and enchant people with your metaphorical “garden,” whether that’s a mean you cook, an outing you plan, a set of songs you sing, a report you prepare or any other fine demonstration of your beauty and talents.”


One thought on “Harlow and horoscopes

  1. Harlow, what a cute little pup!!! I need to meet her already! She is the CUUUUUttteest darn thing I ever saw!

    My body is in texas, but my heart in in IM… I’m not sure what that means… but go with it:)wink

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