random is best

I’ve decided that my blogging strength lies in making lists. Lots and lots of lists. So here are some things that made me happy (and not so happy) over the last week.

+ Having lunch with Kate.
+ Lots and lots of sunshine.
Kim stealing a box of pens out of my desk.
+ Kim’s admission that she did, indeed, steal a whole box of pens out of my desk.(This included several minutes of denial, followed by a very loud and almost hysterical admission of guilt. Ha! This included her getting getting louder and louder, while laughing and throwing in a lot of “holla”‘s. Such is the joy of Kim. Some days it’s entertaining. Some days it’s not.)
+ Spending the better part of one day with my contacts in the wrong eyes. It’s an old perscription so it’s hard to tell sometimes.
Putting some kind of bug “bait” all around the house… not fun.
+ Having a bug free house.
+ Getting back in touch with old friends. (Thank you Facebook)
+ Being half way done with my book so I can start on the next one.


3 thoughts on “random is best

  1. Oh Kim….. I have to say that life wouldn’t nearly be as entertaining if she were not in it… holla!(N)

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