Do you think it’s possible to simultaneously have insomnia and narcolepsy? Because seriously I think that’s what is wrong with me.

Yesterday I got up, had a Mother’s Day breakfast with the fam, and came back home to get ready for church. Honestly I was so tired by the time I got home (at 9 am) I really could have gone back to sleep. I did a few jumping jacks (yes, I really did) and then got ready and headed off. I got home from church at about 1.30 pm and starting packing stuff up (to get ready for the puppy.. yay!) and at about 2pm I decided I’d take a little snooze. I woke up at 4.30 and did whatever till 10pm-ish. I was asleep in minutes. I was awake an hour later. Not just woke-up-cause-I-had-to-pee awake but wide awake, done-with-sleep awake. I was able to fall back asleep awhile later but I woke up another 4 or 5 times during the night. Wide, wide awake. The last time I was up was about 3.30 am and it seemed kind of pointless to try and fall asleep again when I had to be up in an hour but no one should have to be up at 3am. Ever.

And then this is me this morning. Beep beep beep goes my alarm. (actually it’s the radio and unfortunately it was Kelly Clarkson’s Miss Independent- not a pleasant noise when it’s blaring above your head at 4.45 am. But “beep” sounds more alarm-ish) Snooze. As I hit my snooze I am muttering “Hate early. Must kill early.” (Yes, even in a semi-conscious state you will find me quoting Gilmore Girls) Snuggle up tighter under my covers. 10 minutes later. beep beep beep. Snooze. Turn over. Snuggle tighter, head under the pillow. Beep, beep, beep. Fine!

So maybe I couldn’t sleep because of my mid-afternoon nap. Maybe. But I feel like I’m always so tired. Not tired, sleepy. But at night… forget about it.

No sleep does not a pleasant Monday make.


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