…continuing the countdown of happiness (lots at once because well… just cause)

2.Friendly people who smile make me happy.

People who will smile and say hi when you pass on the street. People who say say “bless you” to someone they don’t know when they sneeze. People who ask how you are and then wait for the answer. People who wave thanks when you let them into your lane. People who will let you into their lane. Little kids that smile and wave out of the back of cars. People who make me laugh. (really, it’s not hard to do) People who smile back.

3.Shopping makes me happy.

I was trying to avoid putting “shopping” on my list but I can’t deny it. I enjoy it! I’ve been really good about showing self control lately but I will definitely being doing some post-birthday shopping. Wanna see?

for those that care… bag = anthro, shoes = freepeople, earrings = urbanoutfitters, perfume = chloe

(this is turning into more of a wish list than an actual “going to buy it” list)

And when I’m really, really rich (and can justify spending more than rent on a handbag):

4.Ice cream makes me happy.

It’s icy, it’s creamy… what more could you ask for? Especially since it’s finally ice-cream eating weather. Well, who am I kidding? All weather is ice cream appropriate.

5. Flip flops make me happy.

The last few days have been in the upper 80’s and my feet are so happy. I think I have claustrophobic toes.


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