This is totally random but lately I have been craving foods that I used to eat as a kid. For example, today I had a cheese sandwich. Yep, just cheese, the tiniest bit of mayo on bread. I used to take that for lunch all the time when I was like 5. And the other day I needed Lucky Charms in the worst way. Like, real bad. The list goes on but it involves mostly junk type food. Maybe this is my subconscious way of rebelling against the big 30! hahaha

Counting down…

8. I love sleep.

All work and no sleep makes me a very grumpy girl indeed. When I was little getting up in the mornings was particularly painful. I tried everything to sneak in a few minutes extra sleep. I tried sleeping with my school clothes on under my jammies… not the most comfortable way to sleep as you can imagine. I tried playing dead (well deaf really) when my mom would come in to wake me up. She’d get louder and louder and start nudging me and I’d just lie there but she’d eventually make me laugh and I’d lose that battle. I used to dream that one day teachers would allow us to come to school in our beds. Just wheel them right into class. I still think it’s a pretty great idea.

The sad thing is I used to be a pro at sleeping in but for the last few years I’ve had to get up so early for work and what not that it’s ruined me. It sort of breaks my heart when I wake up at 5 am on my day off. It’s just not right! But even though sleeping in doesn’t always work out anymore I still love my Sunday naps. Honestly, I think that if more people got a nap every now and then the world would be a much happier place.


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