“So this morning I didn’t have a boyfriend, and so far today I’ve been dumped twice.”

I love it when quotes from FRIENDS apply to my life. This was a conversation I had with a customer at work yesterday:

Me (answering the phone): This is Vanessa.

Customer (whose name I never did figure out): Vanessa, I’ve changed my mind.

Me (sometimes I like to play along with our nutty patrons): Really? About what?

Him: I don’t know how to tell you this…

Me: Uh oh, sounds bad.

Him: Well, I’ve decided that I don’t want to marry you.

Me: What? You don’t? Oh no.

Him (trying to control a small fit of old man chuckles): I hope we can still be friends.

Me: I guess so.

Him: But the other reason I called… blah blah work stuff.

So I guess I only got dumped once. Does this make me negative single? Extra single? Either way, you have to love old people.


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  1. I love the people you talked to and their names! That’s genius! I’m glad you played along for it makes it much more funny!AND you are coming to Utah wooohooooooo!!! Awesome!

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