little letters

dear fall,

dear general conference,
i’m so excited to spend two days with you

dear pumpkin flavored everything,
i wish i liked you

dear honeycrisp apples,
i love you

dear netflix,
thank you for gilmore girls

dear dr’s appointments,
i do not love you

dear blankets,
you’re so cozy and warm and comforting

dear harlow,
thank you for being my dog

little letters

dear spring,
please hurry up… please.

dear california,
i can’t wait to see you again.

dear house,
sorry you’re always such a mess.

dear old car,
thanks for hanging in there.

dear longer days,
thank you for the extra sunshine.

dear vegan/gluten free cookie dough,
thanks for keeping my sweet tooth in check… mostly.

dear harlow,
thanks for being the perfect pup.

dear pinterest,
i cannot quit you.

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little letters

dear blog readers,
you’re the nicest.

dear red lipstick,
you brighten my day.

dear pugsleys,
i’m so sad you’re moving.

dear neighbor,
thank you SO MUCH for mowing my lawn.

dear harlow,
thanks for being my dog.

dear ice cream maker,
i’m glad i got you out this week.

dear forever21,
thanks for having $8 sandals.

dear kids next door,
her name is harlow, not carlos.

ok so it’s only monday and i don’t want to jinx it. i have an interview tomorrow for a job i really, really want so i’m crossing everything i’ve got.

little letters

dear summer,
i love your sunshine-y ways.

dear blog,
i missed you.

dear ocean,
i wish you were a little bit closer.

dear friends,
why are so many of you moving to arizona this summer?

dear old iPod,
thank you for still having my “london baby” playlist. that made me happy this morning.

dear harlow,
i just love you.

dear figs,
are you in season yet?

dear california jury duty,
i moved.

dear person cracking yourself up at the library,
please calm down.

dear finn & sadie,
thanks for making me laugh.

little letters


dear life,
you’ve been hard lately.

dear friends,
you’ve been amazing lately.

dear c,
thank you for offering me your night light. you may be the sweetest 5 yr old ever.

dear sweaters,
thanks for keeping me warm and toasty.

dear christmas tree,
thank you for smelling so good.

dear little rain shower yesterday,
you were perfect.

dear primary class,
thanks for being so awesome and making me laugh every sunday.

dear blog,
i haven’t forgotten you.

little letters


dear sunny day,
welcome back.

dear harlow honey child,
sorry you’re so itchy. you’re my favorite.

dear paul mitchell lavender mint shampoo,
you are my second favorite.

dear watermelon and peaches and blueberries,
you make breakfast so delicious.

dear twitter,
i don’t know what i did all day at work before you.

dear new apartment,
i know you’re out there somewhere.

dear paris,
see you in october… maybeeeee!

dear bloggers friends,
you’re the best.

little letters

Dear friends,
Thanks for the solidarity after yesterday’s mean commenter.

Dear anonymous,
I’m sorry if you feel you are in some way obligated to read my blog. Feel free to mosey along.

Dear Trader Joe’s,
I love you!

Dear coca-cola,
I’m not at all sorry I gave into you this week. I needed you.

Dear sleep,
I need more of you.

Dear taxes,
Do yourself.

Dear cobb salads,
You are my new favorite thing.

Dear American Idol,
I just can’t get into you. You just aren’t as much fun without Billie & Brian.

Dear self,
Get your rear in gear and start making decisions.

Dear Australia,
See you in November!

Dear Harlow,
Thanks for being my dog.

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