i treated myself to some bunches of beautiful ranunculus this weekend.

i’ve been really good about not spending money. (well, okay i did buy some fun knitted goodies from miss emmadime. but it’s nice to have a little treat once in awhile, no? other than peonies and anemones they are my favorite. and i get to use the vase that’s been sitting empty for far too long.

what are your favorite little treats?

gather ye rosebuds while ye may

The word “floral” used to make me cringe. It put me in mind of big, frilly bloomers and old lady blouses. But I have to admit they are kind of growing on me. Forals, that is …. not bloomers and blouses.

Like this top from Alternative Apparel, which I love.

After reading Jane’s post and Anabela’s post I’m liking florals even more.

And then Target introduced their Liberty of London line and now I’m a little obsessed. I mean these wee flower earrings are darling… and so are these.

And right now all of’s floral headbands are 30% off. I especially love this one

So what about you? How do you feel about florals?