august break, day 24

Our first morning in Beynac-et-Cazenac, Nicole and Candice took us to the market. The soaps were sweet smelling (I wish I’d bought some!) and the strawberries and peaches tasted like nothing I’ve ever had. Can I go back now please?

Also, if you want to swoon over the loveliness of Beynac check out Trisha’s photos. They’re incredible.

august break, day 18

Lately I’ve taken to (along with everyone else it seems) taking photos of my feet/shoes. I mean, I have a lot of shoes and my feet hardly ever look like they’ve had one cupcake too many. It’s pretty much win, win.

This is a picture of my feet on the lawns of the Chateau de Marqueyssac in France.

And here’s a little picture of part of the gardens… kind of trippy and very awesome:

first photo by me
second photo found here